Saturday, February 26, 2011

Body Painting Women

Women love guys who are involved in some type of activity. You will notice that women get a thrill seeing guys play sports. They may be in the stands cheering a guy on, even if she doesn’t follow the sport astatine all. Does this mean that you should tryout for a team to attract females? If you want to, but it’s not necessary. Here are a 7 self confidence building activities to attract women. Keep in mind that these activities involve some type of commitment to gain mastery or competence.

Body Painting Women1. Go out and talk to women. If you are shy then this is an even better reason to go out and break out of your shyness. This also gives you good practice. Just like a sport you want to practice to have an reward so you can “win”.

Body Painting Women2. Join a gymnasium or buy gymnasium equipment. Working out is something that we all need to add to our repertoire. Not only does it make you look good…you really become more confident due to added muscle and stamina.

Body Painting Women3. Martial Arts/boxing or wrestling. A man who can handle himself against another(a) man is considered a man that can protect a woman from danger. Women are attracted to fighters, even if they don’t want to see the fight.

4. Do some yard work or fix something around the house. This is a good stereotype for men…fixing things. When something breaks or the yard looks a little unkempt, before you call the repair man or gardener, try to do it yourself. Not only will you save money, but you’ll feel good about yourself if it comes out looking nice.

5. Yoga or Pilates. Before you call amine a sissy for locution this,hear me out. Women who do these exercises religiously have some amazing bodies. They are flexible, and have a nice posture. If you do these activities, non only will you get get exercise, but you can really meet some aphrodisiac women in the process. Just make sure you aren’t doing it just to meet women. Some of these women take this stuff seriously and don’t want to be bothered by a guy trying to hit on them. Still a good place to meet women though.

6. Music/Art. When it comes to euphony women have been attracted to musicians since the beginning of time. Look at the rock stars, rappers, and singers…a long line of females trying to get their attention (some concerts, women really flash the musicians or throw their underwear on stage). If you draw or sculpt, this can work to your vantage too. You can take nude pictures or painting, sculpt her body out of clay, etc. I’ve ne’er heard of women throwing their underwear at artist, but they may get undressed just as fast to be part a work of art.

7. Anything. To tell you the truth, women are attracted to guys no matter what they do. When a man “has a life”, helium is considered attractive in her eyes. Remember that she doesn’t have to be involved in the activity, but as long as he spends time with her when it’s time, then that’s all that matters.

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