Monday, February 21, 2011

Avatar Body Paint

As a huge fan of the Avatar movie which was registered as the first ever movie to hit $2 billion dollars in ticket sales you power be wondering “what ar the things I need to make my own Avatar costume?” It is good to have references tools like pictures and DVD. This can well be obtained on the internet. The very basic look of Avatar that is of course the light blue skin with a slightly darker stripes.

Avatar Body PaintYou can use any light blue fabric paint such as dyes or acrylics fabric paint. If you can’t find any light blue, you can always mixed white color into dark blue to give it a lighter shades. But be careful, to add in a little astatine a time until you reach your desired color which is the light blue.

Avatar Body PaintThen you can start to paint it onto your nude body suit sooner white but brown would be just fine. A little heat is required to dry your now blue colored body suit before you proceed to draw the stripes.

Avatar Body PaintAs for the stripes, a dark blue dyestuff is required and you can paint it onto your costume using a brush. A fabric mark pen is an alternative to using brush which is highly recommended because it is easier for you to draw these stripes with a pointed pen than a brush.

It is good to wear your body suit while having someone to draw the stripes for you as this will give a more accurate and even looking stripes compare to just laying your suit on a flat surface. And again, a little heat is needed to dry the stripes. It is best to use a hairdryer.

One more thing to consider is the price of the things that you need to make your own Avatar costume. These can range from medium to expensive. It is good to do price checking before you start making one.

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